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Today we are talking romance tropes on the Romance Writers’ Weekly blog topic. We are talking about the tropes we love to read and to write. When I began reading romance and then writing it, I had no idea that such a thing as a trope existed. I just knew what books I liked to read, and therefore those were the books I wrote. Tropes have been given a bad wrap by some, claiming that they are a crutch that writers use to hide bad writing. I do not agree with that. I always go back to being a reader, and what as a reader helps me or doesn’t. To me a trope gives a reader a firm basis for what kind of stories they like. It gives a writer a way to say “Hey, you might like this story over here”. It

Ways to Feel Better When You are Feeling Down

Hey, thanks for joining Romance Writers Weekly blog hop. I’m glad you are here. Today we are all talking about the things we do to feel better when we are feeling down. Let’s be honest in our world right now, there is any number of things to feel down about, but there are also many things to lift us up as well. And, here is my disclaimer, I am not talking about depression or other mental health issues. Nothing can replace a good counselor or therapist. When I am having a bad day, or am upset about things going on around me, what I have learned is to first, take myself out of the situation to gain perspective. When I am too involved or too close to something, I can’t always see clearly. Go fo

Bread on the Brain

Our world is pretty strange right now. I think we are all doing the best we can, and one way we are doing that is to either do things we always said “if I have the time” or we are trying to find ways to be more frugal. Whatever reason bread making has become somewhat of a craze across the United States. I began life as an adult by going out and getting a degree in culinary arts, so I feel I am, if not an expert, at least I have the knowledge to speak on this. Personally, there is nothing better than the smell of bread baking in the oven. I loved baking so much the heroine in my first novel, Dealing with the Viscount owned a bakery. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Celiac about five years

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