Yummy Summer Salad Recipe

Thanks so much for joining us this week! This week we are sharing our favorite summer recipes. This summer sure looks different from other summers, but where food is concerned we can still have our favorites. Today I am sharing with you a super simple pasta salad that no matter where I go or who I am serving I am asked to bring this, or for the recipe. Now, I have a degree in culinary arts, so I am more than capable to talk about something a bit more fancy, but you can’t ignore the love everyone has for this salad, and to be honest it is one of my favorites as well. So without further ado, I give you: Tuna Pasta Salad: Ingredients: 1 box rotini pasta (this is good because the tuna gets caugh

Come visit me in New Hampshire

Thanks so much for joining us today on the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop. Today we are all giving you a glimpse into what there is to do around where we live. This is a great topic, since international travel isn’t available right now, especially if you are American like me. (Don’t worry EU, I would keep most Americans away from me right now if I could too.) So, I live in the United States in the northern part of the state of New Hampshire, NH. We are tucked up into the center of New England with Canada bordering to our north. We sit between Vermont and Maine. Many outsiders (flatlanders, as we affectionately call them) assume that the three states are similar, but in actuality they are v

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