Why I Love Blacklist

Since March I have been hold up in my house. To be honest it isn’t as bad as it sounds. I am a full-time writer and work from home. So, it has been business as usually for the most part. That said, my husband and I were trying to find a show on Netflix that would last us for a while, so back in March I suggested we give Black List a try. I love it! My writer brain is on overload with character development, story ideas, etc. Here is why I am addicted to the show Blacklist: James Spader. As an eighties girl I was already familiar with James Spader from all the movies in that decade. I mean the 80s was the best decade for movies. Hello, Breakfast Club… In Blacklist, Spader plays the FBI’s most

Reminiscing About Past Travel in the Time of a Pandemic

With a global pandemic keeping us at home, we are reminiscing today on Romance Writers Weekly blog hop about trips we have taken. The year we went on a cruise to Honduras was one of the most memorable trips ever. The picture I am sharing was of our family getting some snuggle time with a tiger that had been seized by the government and handed over to wildlife refuge. It was an amazing experience for my girls and us as well. The little girl was perfectly happy to be snuggled as long as she had her bottle. When it was my turn to hold her, the guide tried to switch out her bottle and let me tell you, I could see the adult tiger she would be one. The refuge did amazing work with all the animals

What are Writers Wearing During the Pandemic

Today on Romance Writers’ Weekly blog hop we are talking pandemic dressing. Now that many of us are working from home and having little to do with the outside world, to what level do we romance authors aspire to? I love this topic; it is just fun. You hear all the time about writers and how they never get out of their pjs to work. I have heard of writers who have daytime and nighttime pjs even. So, what do we really do behind the closed doors of our writing caves? Well I’ll tell you. I have been working from home for over five years now. My daughters are grown, one has flown the coup the other flits in and out and my husband has worked every day, even during our state’s quarantine, because h

Romance Writers Weekly--Flash Fiction Edition

This week at Romance Writers Weekly we are playing with flash fiction. We have 500 words to write a story and within that story we had to use the words Pickle, Looking glass, and letter. I am not very good at creating a story from only 500 words, so be gentle with me. Melanie hated nights alone. The castle was dark and foreboding. If only Benjamin would return soon. He left to ride into town as she had eaten the last jar of pickles earlier that day. If he didn’t get back soon, she would worry. The letter from her sister sat on her writing desk, she should answer it, but she was just so tired all the time now. Maybe moving would help her pass the time. She could walk for hours in the large ho

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