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What I Read When I'm Not Writing

Let me know on FB what you are currently reading.

I have a huge TBR pile. Who are we fooling? This isn’t some cute pile next to my bed, we are talking bookshelves in multiple rooms worth of books I haven’t read. When I walk by them I am conflicted. It is strangely comforting to have so many unread books in my house If the power goes out, I will be set for weeks. At the same time I am sad that I have yet again, not taken the time out of my schedule to give these books the love they deserve.

As a new writer, I was very concerned about having my own voice, and not mimicking another author. I felt that not reading someone else’s work would help with that, at least while I was writing. However, to be a successful writer, I am always writing. So instead, I only read books outside of my own genre while I am doing the first draft of a piece. That seems to keep my voice my own.

So, what does a historical romance author read if they don’t read historical romance? I love a book with a good sub-plot. My go-to genres are romantic suspense, psychological thrillers, paranormal romance, and even some fantasy YA. Lisa Jackson is my go to romantic suspense author, and I also love JR Ward for paranormal, or Kathy Hills. I have just started reading Sarra Cannon’s YA series as well.

I always have some kind of self-help or business related book que’d up in my audible app, along with a writing or story telling craft book on my coffee table. Unfortunately, I can go for long stretches without finishing even one book. I am hoping to make that a priority for myself this year.

I would also like to expand my book genre go tos by adding in some contemporary romance and women’s fiction to my list. I know I have both of those on my many selves, and they need some love too!

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How many books do you have in your TBR pile? Do you have a plan for busting through it this year?

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