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Welcome! Today on the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop we are talking reading. Specifically, what books we are reading right now. I love this topic, because I am the person on the subway trying to see what books people are reading to find new reads for myself. However, I am also that person who can get bored very quickly with a read and set it down for months before picking it back up. I am also the person who usually has more than one book going at a time. Back when books were physical and not digital, I would have a different book in each room I spent time in. I would carry one in my bag and hide one in my car, just in case.

I know, many of you just decided we could never be friends. I admit I wasn’t that way years ago, but something has changed in me. I find now, that I am much more apt to read based on my mood at that moment. Don’t get me wrong, I still have authors that I know I will read from cover to cover like a Thanksgiving meal. My husband knows when the latest Eloisa James novel releases he will see me when I hit The End.

So, now that my true confessions have been aired to the world, those of you that have not yet written me off here is what you may see me reading at any given time at my house.

Sanibel Flats by, Randy Wayne White: This is a book I picked up on my last vacation. It is the first in a series, and if you ever get to Fort Myers, Florida or Sanibel Island you will hear about the

restaurant Dr. Fords, which was a result of the series. I have heard that the author can be seen at times at the Sanibel location in the upstairs bar.

This book introduces Doc Ford, an ex CIA agent who returns home to Sanibel, Florida to study marine biology, but like any good ex-CIA story he gets dragged into a dangerous plot. It is a good story, and the fact that I bought it almost a year ago should not tell you anything about how intriguing the story is. I am actually excited to the get to the end, so I can have a reason to go back to Sanibel and get the next one. (yes, I can get it from Amazon, but then it doesn’t come with a vacation)

Union Street Bakery by, Mary Ellen Taylor: This is another first in series book, but this time it is a cozy mystery, with a bit of paranormal mixed in. Cozy mystery is new to me for a genre, but since the pandemic I have been looking for those things that make me feel comforted, and the idea of snuggling down with a good who done it just appeals to me.

This book is about one of three sisters who comes home when her high paying financial job goes south. She hates going home, but once there, she is determined to help her sisters keep the family bakery up and running. The mystery comes when an old lady dies and leaves a journal to her. She didn’t even have much of a memory of the woman, but she knows it will help her to fill in the blanks of where she came from. It is one of those books that I open when I want to be surrounded by family and the love that comes from that.

The Heroine’s Journey by, Gail Carriger: This is a book that a group of authors I belong to are all reading this. (It was supposed to be finished for Feb., but hello, reading spaz.) It is essentially a

craft book, because it doesn’t matter how long you have been writing it is good practice to stay up to date with trends and it is always a good idea to try and improve.

This book rethinks the hero’s journey and builds on what other have done by creating a journey with a more feminine energy to it. I am finding it fascinating to consider a construct that is in

grained in the idea of story telling and turning it on its head. I have had many “aha” moments and also not just a few “duh” moments.

If you are a writer, or a reader that likes to look at characters in a new way I highly suggest this book.

Because this book should have been finished days ago, this will be my main focus until it is finished, then I can go back to reading which ever way the wind takes me.

What are you reading right now? Do you have to read one book to the end or are you more like me and can jump from one unfinished book to another?

Next up we have Jenna Da Sie I can’t wait to see what she’s reading, I’m getting quite a list for my next Amazon shopping trip.

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