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What Inspires Me

Today we are discussing who or what inspires us. I am inspired by the one thing all romance writers should be inspired by hope and love. I believe that everyone deserves a HEA and if I can give people that hope in their times of need or uncertainty then I have done my job.

But beyond that I am inspired by my daughters. Two young women who couldn’t be more different in their approaches to everything in life, but who are both strong, independent, kind souls. These are the heroines I strive to write. Women who know their worth, or at least have the hope it is possible to have such worth. Even the most confident woman has doubt sometimes in herself, or her ability to do what ever that hard thing is, but a strong woman keeps hope alive and never gives up.

My daughters have challenged every part of my being including my belief system in how the world works. They have railed against my rules that were there to protect them. They regularly defy said rules and make their own way as much as it terrifies me. They have taught me to be

fearless. Because, watching them showed me that the worst almost never happens, and even if it did there are very few mistakes in life that are a death sentence. I am awed every day at these women who are now out in the world living their lives.

My hope is that someday way in the future when they finally are not embarrassed to read my books, they see themselves in the characters that I write, and they will see parts of themselves and know just how much they both impacted my work and I hope my love for them shows through.

Up next we have Andie Fenchel Also check out her latest:

A Lane family, small-town, instalove romance in the Dad Bod — Men Built for Comfort series.

Willa I bought a dump. It’s the worst house in the most charming town I’ve ever seen. It was Roseville that sold me. Standing in my exploding kitchen, with my house falling down around my ears, my friend sends over a handyman. He’s big, handsome, and I can’t take my eyes off of him. Everything I see as a problem, he sees as an opportunity to make my home beautiful. I’m holding back because, just like this stupid house, I’m full of flaws, and he has a little girl to think about. I can’t risk hurling the Willa-disaster-zone at him, even if my heart yearns to take the leap. Denver My business is flipping houses, not fixing them for other people. Yet, when a friend asks me to take a look at our new neighbor's rundown house, I cave. Wow, am I glad I didn't refuse, because I could look at Willa all day. In fact, I want to do more than look. I want to touch, feel, and cherish her. I can't get her out of my mind, but what would a sophisticated, big-city girl want with a small-town single dad from New Jersey? Since she's all I can think about, I guess we're going to find out.

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