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New Year's Resolution Update

Wow, March. How did we get here so quickly, even though January and February seemed to crawl? Do you set New Year resolutions?

I used to make a lot of promises to myself, maybe it was the champagne at midnight, but come March I had fallen off the wagon so many times the wagon just dragged me along.

A few years ago, I changed things up a bit. I still set goals, but to me that is different than resolutions. Resolutions are kind of pass/fail. Goals I find ebb and flow. You may think it will take A, B, and C to reach a goal, but you may end up adding many letters after that before the goal is reached.

The other thing I do is I choose a word that I carry with me for the year. For 2019 I chose “stability”. All of my goals and focus were on creating stability in

my life. It helps to make things clear for me. I know if something has nothing to do with my word, then I can pass on it.

For 2020 I chose the word “Abundance”. Everything I do is about abundance and I can say I have already seen growth in my business and in my daily life.

I knew I wanted to bring my writing career to the next level this year, and a colleague suggested I submit for a Bookbub feature. This is kind of a big deal, and you don’t always get accepted. I had never had one before, but when I thought about what abundance it could bring me I decided to give it a go.

Guess what? I got accepted! The Bookbub was set to run on February 8th. I set up other promos leading up to that date, and several for after. It was amazing! As of last count, I got over 47,000 downloads of one of my books and I have had the most profitable month I have ever had. Abundance!

I also always make a vision board to guide me during the year. I am happy to say I am currently working on another picture from my vision board.

Not to be the one outlier who is all success, I have not been able to lose the weight I gained from my surgery in August. I need to be more diligent about my exercising, and with the word abundance, I don’t say no to cookies. I’ll own it. I’m a sucker for cookies with my tea.

I used to get to March and get very angry with myself if I wasn’t on track to make my resolution. I am more introspective now and by having a word to guide me I can look at my progress and decide where I need to shift my attention or keep on keepin’ on.

Though, I have resigned myself to never giving up cookies and I can live with that.

What are you working on this year?

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