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Best Picture of 2021

Our objective today was to post a picture of the best thing that happened in 2021 and write a story about it.

I have chosen this picture.

The story behind it is that when the pandemic hit my husband and I had to cut our vacation short and I have been missing travel, especially Florida since then. My youngest daughter planned and saved to be able to go to Disney World for her 21st birthday and she invited us to join her and her friends for the weekend of her birthday.

This picture was taken the day my husband and I were flying back. We got up early and took her to Universal City Walk for drinks and an early lunch just the three of us. While my husband was off somewhere, maybe the bathroom, Casey and I got a little silly. Blackberry margaritas may have been influential at this point, but we couldn’t resist snapping a selfie when we both saw these hats at the same time and tried them on.

I have gotten closer to my youngest daughter over the past years, and it was a lot of fun for us to just hang out and be silly. Not me as her mom and her as my daughter, but two women having fun on vacation. This picture, as foolish as it is will be a highlight for me for years to come.

Next up we have Andie Fenichel:

How about a little escape with a wonderful holiday story to warm your heart? He ruined her Game Day Shirt, then her Holiday Dress. Now he's after her heart! Check it out today!

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