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Lady A to Expound on all things Ton

I'm so excited to announce a new addition to my website, the London Gossip Mill! The Gossip Mill will feature articles submitted by the very respectable, yet mysterious, Lady A, who has agreed to share her knowledge of the Ton with us.

I'll let her introduce herself in her own words...

Gentle reader,

As the frost lifts from gardens of the Ton and our many thoughts turn to preparing for the upcoming season, I have made an alarming observation, which must with all urgency be dealt with. Our upcoming young ladies are looking at a less than enlightening list of choice gentlemen in recent years. And those who should have their

minds turned toward finding a respectable wife and settling down, seem loathe to accept their responsibility, instead holding onto their entertainments and other interests.

Whatever is a mother, guardian, or sponsor to do when planning for their charges to be introduced to only the best prospects? It may well keep one up in the wee hours scheming.

As a concerned, compassionate soul that I am, I cannot allow this travesty to continue. These unruly young men must be brought to tow and I am here to help facilitate this endeavor.

I am sure, dear reader, you understand it is of the utmost importance for my own propriety that I remain anonymous in this quest, but I can assure you with the utmost humility, that I am in a position in my station that I have the most exacting contacts, with information that most would not be privy to. Rest assured you will not read any falsehoods between the lines of this editorial.

In the coming weeks, months, and perhaps in the years to come, it is my goal to bring you the most timely information on the whereabouts, endeavors, and even misadventures of the Ton’s most eligible bachelors in a hope to make the season as pleasant and entertainment filled as one could possibly hope.

Your most ardent champion,

-Lady A.

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