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Lady A Reveals On Dits About the Upcoming Marriage Prospects

London Gossip Mill/Lady A Letters--exclusive to

Gentle Reader,

As I write this installment, I am sitting at my writing desk watching the snow begin to give up its hold on the garden, and I realize I have been remiss in not being more Pertinacious in my correspondence. It is a truth known that the whole of the Ton has stayed hunkered down to fortify themselves against the onslaught of the winter weather, so I can hardly be privy to what is transpiring with no social engagements to attend.

That said, I am beside myself with pleasure looking at the coming season and all the entertainments it will have to offer.

For those with a mind to marriage, I have some horribly upsetting news. When I heard of this, I almost had to take to my bed. We all know the Ton has been waiting for His Lordship Viscount Sutton to come out of the grief of losing his sister and both parents. The circumstances of his poor sister’s death are pity enough, but then to lose both of his parents so soon after it is understandable his extended grief. Well, I am afraid if my source is to be believed he is well and married. Just like that. There were no banns read and no invitations sent, even to the local families.

Who, you ask, is the paragon to break the walls and gain an offer when others were unable? Well, only for my readers would I go to such lengths to find the answer. You may recall the story of the poor, poor young lady who was kidnapped while in India on her father’s diplomatic assignment, it is her of all people. Her.

Sadly, I have heard that Lady Giselle is permanently scarred from her ordeal, so it is possible we will continue to not see Viscount Sutton or Lady Sutton attending the seasons most desired functions. I will be watching, with breathless hope, however, as I am sure you will as well.

I was also told from a very reliable source that Lady Sutton is not a withering rose and is putting her new husband through his paces. Bully to her, I say.

Now, for those gentlemen who may well still be on the lists of many a deb. No doubt with a star next to his name, is His Lordship, The Earl of Burton. We are all familiar with his pretty manners, and his devil may care smile. Many a deb have needed smelling salts after looking into those deep soulful eyes.

I am here to proclaim he is still very much available and will be accompanying his mother and sister on their rounds this coming season. His antics aside, I am sure the right woman will be able to tame his wild side to her advantage.

He has been seen on numerous occasions at Whites and also at the many boxing tournaments and gambling establishments over these long winter months, but take heart my dears, I have been assured that while his behavior may be reckless with all signs of decorum lost, he is most responsible with his estates and never bids over much or wagers to excess.

I do hope he waits until the season to procure a wife. I would love a bird’s eye view of his fall from the top of the bachelor list for sure.

I will keep you apprised of any more tidbits as I uncover them leading up to the season. Ladies make sure you are ready for a crush this year. I predict this season will be one of much enjoyment and excitement.

As my time is very sought after, I must bid you farewell for now.

Many good wishes,

Lady A

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