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I am so excited to be talking book covers today! Many of us choose books by their cover. I will admit to being drawn to a book, because the cover was beautiful or intrigued me, but in the end if the blurb doesn’t suck me in the rest of the way, I’m out.

In my category of beautiful covers, this one tops the list: Luring a Lady’s Love, by Tammy Andresen. Isn’t is gorgeous? It ticks most of my boxes for a cover that will draw my eye. Not to mention I love fairy tale re-tellings.

Not to brag, well I’m not bragging I guess because it was my cover designer not me, but I am in love with my latest book’s cover. I wanted the reader to get a feel for the back story, as well as getting a glimpse of the story proper. It is mysterious, and pretty all rolled into one. Marked for Love is on pre-order now. You can grab it on Amazon here.

I’m not sure where you are at with shirtless heroes or not. I am on the fence with this debate. I think it depends on my mood when browsing books, but if you like contemporary reads, I would suggest Picture Me Naked, by Lisa Olech. Not only is the cover yummy, it is an awesome read.

That’s all I have for you today; next up we have Caro KinKead. Go check her and see what covers she loves.

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