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Looking Forward to Spring

Spring is just around the corner. I love warm weather and I hate winter.

Spring is usually the first sign that I survived another six months of cold and snow. This spring, however, is looking very different for everyone. The world is in uncharted territory with the new pandemic.

My wish for the world is that like spring we come out of this scary time with new life and a new respect for the things that are important.

On a personal level, what I always look forward to are the leaves popping out on the trees and the robins and hummingbirds coming back to the feeders. But, most of all, I am always looking forward to the days when I can move my computer out onto the porch and sit in the fresh air and sunshine and do my work. I work outside most everyday in the summer, so when spring shows up, I am comping at the bit to get outside. And usually get too excited and spend a miserable afternoon on the porch trying to convince myself fifty degrees is warm, and I should be loving it.

Spring gives me hope for cook outs, and campfires, and lazy days in my hammock reading. I am going to use this spring to remind of those things I

hold so dear to me, and grab onto the hope of better days to come.

Get out and soak up some sun and fresh air where you are, it is good and healthy. If you look up, I ‘m waving to you from a safe distance reminding you that we are all in the same place right now, but we need to look to spring to reassure us, a new day will come.

What do you look forward to in spring? I’d love to hear all about it.

Up next we have Brenda Margriet letting us know what she looks forward to in the spring.

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