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Fun Things I do While Staying Home

How are you? I hope you and your family are safe in this weird time we are living in. My workday has not changed much. Sine I write full time and do that from home, I am already used to #stayhome. But, some in my family are now home, and that does impact my day.

I am trying very hard to keep my schedule as normal as possible, because I think that helps my mental stability to see that some things have not changed. However, with one of my daughters home, not working, and doing college online and my husband who is an essential worker but has had a change of his schedule it is harder than I thought.

I am trying to embrace the crazy and use it to spend more time with my daughter and enjoy my husband when he is home. My daughter does not sit well, so she has started about a million craft projects. Some of them require power tools, so that can throw a wrench in the middle of a love scene when a power sander starts right outside your office door.

I have diabetes, so I am literally house bound. I have gone on a few walks, but even just being outside makes me a bit twitchy, so I don’t force myself to do that every day. I have started those projects that you say you’ll

do, but never do. I have begun learning how to embroider. I will never be “accomplished” like my heroines are, but you can read the words I have stitched so I’m calling that a win.

I also have a ton of pictures taken before the digital era. My goal is to begin scanning them and move them all to digital. I will admit that is a bit more of an imposing task than my needlework, so that is on the bottom of the list, but it is there. I have an idea if our state’s lock down gets extended past its May 4 date, those pictures boxes will be coming out!

I already did a lot of cooking, hello former chef here, so I have not jumped on the culinary bandwagon as much as some, but I’d like to think I was already there.

I have made it a point to check in with friends I might otherwise not t

hink to check on. It has been nice reconnecting to people I’ve lost touch with.

Again, I hope you are safe and snuggled into your home with your loved ones. I hope that you and yours weather this storm and come out the other side together. If you or a loved one has been struck by the covid-19 danger

my heart goes out to you and my wish for a full recovery is sent! Thanks for joining our blog hop today, I hope it brought some joy to your day.

Next up we have Brenda Margriet

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