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Ways to Feel Better When You are Feeling Down

Hey, thanks for joining Romance Writers Weekly blog hop. I’m glad you are here. Today we are all talking about the things we do to feel better when we are feeling down. Let’s be honest in our world right now, there is any number of things to feel down about, but there are also many things to lift us up as well. And, here is my disclaimer, I am not talking about depression or other mental health issues. Nothing can replace a good counselor or therapist.

When I am having a bad day, or am upset about things going on around me, what I have learned is to first, take myself out of the situation to gain

perspective. When I am too involved or too close to something, I can’t always see clearly. Go for a walk, get out in nature with sunshine and fresh air. Give yourself an hour to just be in nature. Watching a butterfly flit around in front of you or listening to birds chirping makes it had to stay in a bad mood.

Now, if you know me, you know I am not a winter person, so the whole “go into nature” suggestion above, is out for me from October to some time in June. In the winter, I will make a hot cup of tea, and I might even put heavy cream in it, to make it even more decadent. If you haven’t tried that, you need this in your life! Then I will find a place in my house, which is away

from where I became upset, this is important. You need a change of your physical space to switch your brain, then I sip my tea and think about all the things that have gone right, or that I am blessed to have in my life.

Once I have calmed down, I then ask myself a couple of questions. The first one is; Is it in my power to change this situation today? We all have the power to affect change, but sometimes we need to understand that a problem is not going to be fixed today, and there are sometimes that we need to know that we have no control at all over whatever it is getting us down. In that case we need to release it, acknowledge that it sucks and that it makes you sad, but don’t dwell on things you cannot control. Another question I like to ask myself when I’m having a bad day is: In ten years is this even going to matter? A lot of time we are so engrossed in the here and now, we don’t step back and think about the big picture. I also like to remind myself that people have lost fortunes and come back from that. People have gone to prison and created lives after that. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems, and there is no situation that you can’t work your way back from.

One last idea that ALWAYS makes me feel better is to cuddle with one of my

fur babies. Many times, they already sense that I need love and will all cluster around me waiting for an invite. There is nothing like a wet nose and gentle paw on your arm to remind you of what is important.

I’m so glad we had this topic today because we all get down and it helps to know that. Also, everyone had different ways to cope and it helps to see what other people do. I’d love to hear what your go to strategies are to get out of a funk.

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