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My favorite "Comfort" read/watch

Welcome! Today with Romance Writers’ Weekly we are discussing our go to comfort read or watch. I’m hoping to grab a list of new options to give a tray.

Lately, I have seen a lot about “comort” this or that on every social media outlet I belong to. In times of crisis or uncertainty we all fall back on those things that make us feel grounded and safe. That is why this topic is so timely.

We are all looking for what will bring us some peace, even if it is just for a moment.

For me, I am of two minds on the subject. First, when I think of cozy, comfort I think of a hot mug of tea, a comfy chair and a story that will take me away from the world I am in and transport me someplace that is nothing like my reality. When I consider what book to grab in this scenario I would have to say, I want a steamy historical romance. I’m not a big one for re-reading books, I’m kind of a “one and done” girl, but I will go for an author that I am familiar with and trust them to give me the ambiance and experience I am hoping for.

Authors that are an auto buy for me just for this occasion are Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, Karen Hawkins, Cathy Maxwell, Hannah Howell. I could go on, but those probably have the biggest rotation for me. They all can create a story that transports me to a place so completely that my reality falls away if only for an hour or so.

Now, as for viewing, I will watch a beloved movie over and over again. This drives my husband crazy. Here are my thoughts on why (why I do it, not why it drives my husband crazy). When watching a movie you not only have the story and visual effects, but you get the auditory sensation as well. That is

important to me, because like your favorite song, the sound brings up memories and emotions from other times you watched it. I can have my favorite movie playing in the background and it comforts me because it is familiar and predictable.

Also, you should know that my choice of movie or show is nothing like my choice of book when it comes to taking a day to lounge and binge watch. My go movie of choice is action adventure. Give me the Avengers or Marvel movies, or even episodes of Bones, the Black list, NCIS where the bad guy is caught at the end and there is proof that heroes still exist in our world and I’m happy.

Don’t ask me why my choices are so different. I would like to think I’m not the only one. Can you relate to this? What is your go to?

Before you hop on, today is release day for the Haute Ton Reader Group Anthology, Once Upon A Twelfth Night, I am in! Check it out!

Now, to our next hopper, welcome Jenna Da Sie!

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