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My 2021 Plans--Bye, Bye, 2020!

Can you believe it is already Dec. 1, 2020? On the one hand this year has felt like 100 years with a pandemic, social unrest, political strife, you name it. Here in America anyway 2020 has been a bit off the rails. I think we are all looking forward to the next chapter and a new year. I know I am.

I know most people start “planning” their new year in January. It makes sense and for many years that is what I did, except when I began writing and essentially starting my own business based off that writing, I felt that waiting until January to decide how my year was going to look, made little sense. Instead, I take an entire week, yes, you heard correctly, and entire week in Oct. to sit down and plan out my year to come. It just so happens that I plan my planning retreat, as I have started calling it, on the week my husband is off at hunting camp. That way I only have to fend for myself and the animals, who really prefer my schedule anyway, so they take it all in stride, unlike my husband who expects to eat during the day. I mean, really?

Anyway, enough backstory on my yearly planning. This year when I sat down to plan I had big dreams for myself. I am a full believer that if you don’t plan big enough, you will never know what you can accomplish. (That’s what I tell myself to make these plans a little less scary anyway). I not only have plans on the actual writing page, but I am branching out this coming year to try and expand my desire to make my readership more of a family and community than just fans or customers. After 2020, I think we all need community and connection and the more the better!

So, starting off with my writing; I am currently working on my 5th book in my Improper Wives for

Proper Lords series. This is the story of Anthony, Lord Wolverton and his bride Lady Jemma. If you have read book 3 in my current series, Marked for Love, Anthony is the best friend of the hero Lord Sutton. Poor Anthony has some ideas about what a proper English marriage should be, but in his effort to find the “perfect” English wife, he failed to let her in on his manifesto, and it turns out, she has one of her own. I am having so much fun writing this. You not only get to see what is happening to Anthony, but of course Max and Giselle are a huge support to the couple, and Lady Finna, from Courtesan’s Wicked Desire, is brought in as a tutor of sorts, so you can imagine where my heroine is heading. That is slated to come out, hopefully in March 2021.

This may or may not be part of the series logo.

The next big thing on the page I am working on is an entire new series! I am so excited about this, I can hardly stand it. Unlike my current series this one will be directly tied to each story by a series arch. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, because I am still in the plotting phase, and as we all know that is fluid, until it isn’t. What I can say though, is that this series will have spies, and danger, and a lot of hard fought happily-ever-

afters amid the tumultuous times of the Regency.

There a few more side projects that may or may not make their way to bookstores, so I will hold off on making any promises about those.

Now, for things I am working on off the page and in the world of cyber space. I will be opening a membership site in January for my most ardent readers! I am so excited about this, you have no idea. There will be levels, so if you aren’t sure what I’m all about and if I’m worth your time and minimal expense, you can wade in slowly. Each tier will get you exclusive access to parts of my writing life and you will also get swag and merch at different times during the year. The higher up on my tier levels you choose to join, the more access and input you may have on things like character names, cover designs, even titles if I am wishy washy about one. Please just back on my website or my social media for more on that.

I am also, in conjunction with my membership site I will be offering a limited number of reader boxes going out twice a year. Once in the Spring (for the Ton’s season) and another around the holidays. Not to steal anything from Opera, but I will be including some things that I love and use to keep me going during my long writing sessions, and also will include books from other authors I love and want to share with you.

As you can see, I am going to be very busy in 2021, but if 2020 taught me anything, it is to not hold back for a “better time” because you never know what the world will throw at you. Please, check back for updates on all my exciting 2021 plans!

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And check out her Just A Touch Of Scandal series. It is fantastic!

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