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My Favorite Halloween Movie

Today is my birthday, and I was lucky enough to choose the topic for today. As an October baby, I always had a Halloween themed birthday party. I have always loved Halloween. The idea of being able to be someone else for a night excited me. As a child I never missed an airing of It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, but as I got older obviously my tastes changed. Today I would

have to say my all time favorite “Halloween” movie is Rocky Horror Picture Show. No, it isn’t a movie about Halloween, but it does fit in perfectly to the whimsy, and grotesqueness of the season.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch this classic, I can’t imagine what you are waiting for! It has everything that makes a great Halloween movie. It is campy, scary, funny, and decadent on so many levels. The first time I saw it I didn’t know what to expect, but soon was pulled in.

Just quickly not to let anything be spoiled, a very proper teenaged couple has car trouble and must go to the scary looking manor to ask for help. When I think of the two main characters that are catapulted into a strange alter world I think Greece. But more Sandy, than the pink ladies. Very staid and reserved.

The contrast to what they enter is what makes this all work, because it flips their worlds on a

dime and forces them to work their way through such a foreign culture.

With an amazing cast for what really was a low budget cult classic is also something to be impressed with. Susan Sarandon as the young girl, Janet Weiss and her boyfriend Barry Bostwich, played by Brad Majors have their hands full, when they meet Tim Curry’s character, Dr. Frank N. Furter; remember I said it was campy.

The absolute best thing about this cult classic is the fact that it aired in 1975, but there is still a huge following today. The fans are so active they have their own website. Why are the fans still so crazy about this movie? To be honest I think it is what the fans did is what makes this movie so special. If you aren’t aware of the movie or the fandom this may shock you, but every year

Rocky Horror Picture Show is still shown in theaters all over the country and fans attend the showings dressed as their favorite characters and they react to the movie in real time, even singing along with the music. Oh, didn’t I mention it was a musical too? It is literally on my bucket list to attend one of these showings of the movie to be completely pulled into the wonderful world it has created.

So, on Halloween, the one time during the year you can be anyone or anything you want, the Rocky Horror Picture show is the perfect movie to let go of your inhibitions and enter Dr. Frank N. Furter’s world for awhile.

Do you love the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Have you been to a showing? What was it like?

Next up we have Leslie Hachtel, Take it away Leslie!

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