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What Animal Would I Be and Why?

Today’s topic is a fun one. I am an animal lover so I have actually spent time considering what kind of animal I would like to be. And as much as I would like to tell you that I would like to be some exotic bird, or savanna dweller, the honest truth is with all things considered I’d like to be a dog.

I love the three dogs that are currently allowing us to live with them, and they are just plain happy. I think it is a great thing to go through your life only seeing the good.

Dogs don’t dwell on the past. Some say it is because they don’t have long term memory, but then you see videos of dogs who are reunited to their owners after years of separation, so I am going with the idea that they just don’t hold a grudge and can let things go and move on. I have never met a dog that wasn’t able to love, no matter what they had been through in their past.

Another reason being a dog would be my choice is that they love unconditionally.

No matter your mood, how horrible you feel about yourself, they don’t care. They just love. If you are having a bad the best thing to do is come home to your dog, who will sit with you and allow you to rub their velvet soft ears until you feel better. They won’t judge you when you break out the ice cream and will help you hide the evidence. Because dogs don’t have the hang ups that humans do, they can sense so many changes in their human and other dogs. Not to mention that dogs are always curious to meet new people and pets to love on.

Dogs find fun and comfort anywhere they are. I love in the summer when I

put the dogs outside and one of them lies down on the porch in the sun and just site there with their face tilted to the bright sunshine with a look of pure joy on their face. Each evening one of my dogs chooses a different toy from her toy box to chew on or play with. We didn’t teach her this, she just does it. Every night she has to walk around the living showing everyone, including the other dogs, what a great toy she has. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful place if we were all happy with what we already had, that every time we went to use it, you wanted to go around and show everyone how lucky you are?

And lastly, dogs are great judges of character. I am not kidding when I say if my dog doesn’t like you, I see that as a big red flag. While dogs are open and accepting, when they aren’t it is made very clear to all. Dogs aren’t polite

because they have to be, if you are not their type or are bad for what ever reason, they sound the alarm. I could have used this superpower in my younger days. I’d like to think I am more discerning now, but I still will trust my dog’s opinion over my own when it comes to people.

It seems that I have given this quite a good deal of thought. I’m not sure what that says about me, but there you go, why I would want to be a dog. Can any of you relate?

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