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What I am Working on Right Now

Welcome! I am so glad you are hopping today with the Romance Writers Weekly. If you are not, please click on the link at the bottom to be brought to the next RWW author it’s a lot of fun.

This week’s topic is what we are currently working on. I just started a new project, so I am excited about this topic. I am working on improving my

output this year, so I am writing one project and actively working on the plot for another. My hope is to have that project ready to start as soon as this current one is done. Wish me luck.

I just set up my scrivener cork board yesterday, and have the first act all ready to go on a project that both excites me and scares me. I host a Facebook group with six other amazing historical romance writers, called the Haute Ton

Reader Society (HTRS). We have a fabulous group of readers that keeps growing everyday.

I thought it would be nice to bring our reader members into our world by writing a holiday anthology and having them, by vote, choose some of the aspects they want to see in the stories. From there the idea ballooned. What we have is a premise where all of our characters have been invited to a house party, ending with a Twelfth night ball. The host and hostess love to matchmake and invited all of their unattached acquaintances.

My heroine, Maria Lightowler is a country mouse, visiting from the north of England. This will be her only chance to find a husband from the Ton. She is determined, but must reinvent herself to fit in. As the story goes along, she begins to understand those around her are not what they appear, and she begins to realize she can change how she looks, but isn’t sure she wants to change who she is.

My hero, Lord Lysander Rothchild, Viscount Milford, heir to the Marquis of Halloway has no desire to attend his aunt and uncle’s ridiculous matchmaking party. He is determined to remain in London, near his father who is failing by the day. Unfortunately, with the prospect on the horizon that Zander will soon be a Marquis the marriage minded mamas are hovering like

vultures. Many taking matters into their own hands and putting their poor unsuspecting daughters in situations to trap him into marriage. His latest close call was averted thanks to his close friend, who in an attempt to keep Zander hidden away and safe gets him drunk and sends him to Sussex to his aunt’s party anyway.

Zander hates nothing more than people pretending to be something they are not, and he hates it even more when they do it to try and trap him. All he needs to do is avoid those situations that would put him in danger, and lay low. However, when he meets Maria who is masked when he enters the welcome masquerade, he may need to rethink his plan.

This is going to be a fun ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ type of romp in the English country side with snowflakes falling and shenanigans abounding. I do not yet have a sample for you, but I always share some chapters with my newsletter subscribers as I am working on a project, and after I will have chapters posted on my website for free. If you would like to join my newsletter list to see those chapters first, sign up here, or feel free to wait a bit longer and check them out on my website.

I’d also love it if you joined us over at the HTRS. We have fun research tidbits, giveaway, and author takeovers on occasion. You will also get updates about all our anthology stories as they take shape. Come join us.

Next up we have Leslie Hachtel, Take it away Leslie.

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