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What Room Would I Remodel if I Could

Today’s post topic is near and dear to my heart. I am married to a contractor and we own the home that has been in my family for 3 generations now. Renovations are a way of life in my house. We have remodeled the three bedrooms, living room, added an office by closing in part of our wrap around porch-now forever known as the writing boudoir, and we, having finally finished one of our two bathrooms. Oh, and we have completely resided the outside, and rebuilt the three porches outside.

We still have some rooms to go, but the one room I’m going to talk about today is a room we just finished-my downstairs bathroom. I will premise this post with the fact that this has been nine years in the making. Yes, I said nine years.

Growing up in this house, that my grandparents bought when my mom was 13 and my parents bought from my grandmother when she wanted to downsize, I had plenty of time to ponder how I would

decorate or change the rooms to my liking if I were a grown up. To be honest, I never gave much thought to the room, that would later be the bane of my existence. This room started out life with my grandparents

as a cold storage, kind of shop room. It was not made to be part of the house actually. When my parents bought it, my mother needed a place for a freezer and her washer and dryer. You see my grandmother

never had any of those appliances. My dad made the room usable

by insulating and added dry wall walls, etc. Later, my dad put a pen on that side of the house for our dogs and added a doggy door. As the years went by, my mom added some wallpaper border to make it a bit cheerier, but honestly, it still screamed shed room.

I hope you notice that not once in the above paragraph did, I mention it was a bathroom. When my mom began to fail health wise and needed to have all her living happen on the first floor of

the house my husband put in a bathroom so she could come home.

It may be because he is a contractor and does this all day, my husband is very adept at making a room in our home “functional” for what ever use it is intended. And, since we were

husband that our washing machine was on its last legs and we needed to start looking for a new set. Then when it finally died in October, said husband decided since we needed to purchase a new washer and drier it was probably time to “finish” the bathroom. Like a mother handling a sleeping baby, I tried very hard now to say anything that would pull him out of whatever world he had fallen into.

I did inform him that once we began the project, we would not leave it partially finished and the deadline was Thanksgiving.

Now, it is February of 2021 and we are still working on paint and

poly on the shelves, but I am incredibly happy with how this came out. It is surely and upgrade from nine-year-old plywood floors.

Next up, is our kitchen for the summer months where we will gut and move everything, including some doorways. I’m hoping that I will have a functioning stove and cooking areas come this Thanksgiving, but that might be more than I should expect. Remodeling isn’t for the faint of heart, but the rewards, when you can do it yourself are huge.

Do you like DIY projects? Do you have a remodel planned this year?

Next up, we have Brenda Margriet.

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