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Welcome. I am so excited to be able to connect in blog form. I have been working hard for the past year and so many things have changed. My plan is for this to be a place to help my readers get a glimpse behind the pages to my writing process, news, research for historical romance, and other fun tidbits of what the exciting life of a romance author is all about.

An Heiress by Midnight, the second book in my Improper Wives for Proper Lords series, is releasing on July 11, 2017. Early critiques are very positive, and I am absolutely in love with my hero, Lord Clive Colcord, Earl of Breakerton, but my love for him only goes so far. I made sure his heroine, Lady Louissa Adair, would put him through his paces and try his gregarious manner. Louissa is a Cinderella who does not believe she needs a prince charming, or another help from a troublesome man.

Check back often for some insight on what it was like to research Louissa’s unique occupation in this book. Let’s just put it this way, women were kicking @$$ in real life, not fiction, long before they are given credit sometimes.

In the next post, I will be introducing a new editorial section by a dear, if not mysterious contributor, but as I said, I will introduce her in my next post.

Hope to see you soon. If you have questions about my characters or other bits of information in my books, please let me know. Meanwhile, if I lived near the ocean, this might be me, but since I don’t, I’ll be working on my next book.



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