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Big Plans for 2022

And just like that it is 2022! Happy New Year! I know most of us are a bit cautious considering the past two, but there is no way to avoid it. To be honest, I start looking at the next year around October when looking at my publication schedule, so I had plans long before the ball dropped.

I am very excited because I am hoping to introduce a brand new series to the world in 2022. The Red Door Gentleman Club series. There is an evil trying to collapse the British government and

way of life. There is a fear that it is coming from within, so an unlikely group is assembled to save the day. However, even super secret spies, can’t work all the time, they need time to find love and their Happily ever afters! This series is going to be a challenge on many levels for me, but I have been planning it for quite awhile and I’m up for it. I hope to get books one and two out by the end of the year. Did I mention this was going to be a challenge?

I also plan to release the third book in my English Rose series, in early summer as part of an anthology. This is Constance’s story and it is showing potential to be lively, and twisty as she tries hard to ignore her sister, Maria’s attempts at match making.

Always on my list of things to do is to make the USA today bestseller list. It hasn’t happened yet, but it is only day 4 of 2022, I’ve got time, right?

I did decide to not make as many “plans” as I have in previous years. This year I have aspirations, that I am working toward, but no hard fast deadlines. The last two years have taught me that may not work so well given our current world status.

But along with my writing, I am hoping to attend more in-person reader events. I am already

signed up for one in Virginia this spring, and another in Connecticut in the fall. I can’t wait!

Personally, I turned 50 in 2021. I am to the point in my life, that I am ok with me. I plan on taking time to cultivate that more and see where it takes me.

Next up: is Brenda Margriet and her plans for 2022

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