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What Great Book Have I Read Recently

Today’s blog post topic for Romance Writers Weekly is brought to us by the

wonderful Leslie Hachtel. Check out Bound to Morocco. Book one in her new series on Amazon.

I loved this week’s topic, what is the best book I’ve read recently. As many authors, I came to writing via being a reader. In the past I have had more than one book going at a time. I would have one in the bathroom, one in my work bag, one in my car, and often that traveled with me in my pocketbook. Let’s just say I was never bored, because I always had a book to read. Now with e-readers I always have my phone, so I am still never bored.

More recently, I use reading for pleasure as my reward for getting my own work finished, so I have been in a bit of a dry spell trying to get two books ready to publish. That being said, I have the third book in this series all loaded and ready to go when I get to a point where I can take a breath.

The book/series I am talking about is Eloisa James’ Wildes of Lindow Castle series. I have read the first two, but today I’m going to gush over book 1 Wilde in Love.

Lord Alaric Wilde arrives back in London after years of adventuring. What he doesn’t realize is that he is famous, for the books he wrote chronicling his travels.

Miss Willa Ffynche is friends with one of his admirers. She has no desire to become acquainted with such an egotistical author with such an extravagant imagination just to get attention.

This book has everything you would expect from Eloisa James, wit, well rounded characters, and of course sexual tension. It even has a crazed super fan.

The second and third books are just as fun to get lost in. I am so excited about book four, because it is about the youngest Wilde, Lady Betsy Wilde, who I am sure is not going allow her brothers to best her in living up to her name.

Have you been reading this series? Did you enjoy it? I’d love to hear from you!

Now, I will pass you along to Leslie Hachtel.

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