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My Favorite Playlist for Writing

I love this topic for the Romance Writer’s Weekly blog today, my favorite playlists for my writing. It is always interesting to see how other people set up their world to be creative.

Since I write historical romance, I can gain inspiration and ideas from current music and lyrics. I love it when I listen to a song and an idea pops into my head. Unfortunately, for me current music does not set the tone when I am getting in the mood to write a new scene.

When I sit down to write I love almost anything instrumental. I can’t have other people’s words floating through my thoughts. I will listen to light jazz, classical, even some ambient music . One play list I love to use on Spotify when I am working on a new piece is the Jane Austenesque Films Soundtracks. It sets the mood for my Regency world to come to life.

When I am editing, I find I need something a bit more powerful so my go to editing playlist, also found on Spotify is the Music for Writing and Editing soundtrack. It has everything from Star Wars themes to the James Bond Theme song. It is all instrumental, but is powerful and strong, which is what I need to power through my edits.

As an 80’s girl I can remember endless hours making mix-tapes, so I can’t tell you the excitement for me to now have places like Spotify where I can find what I am looking for at the drop of a hat. You youngins’ will never know the pain of waiting all morning for one song to come on the radio so you can record it, and you end up missing the beginning in the recording.

What music do you like to listen to when being creative? I’d love to know.

Thanks for stopping by, please go now and check out Brenda Margriet’s blog post today.

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