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What are Writers Wearing During the Pandemic

Today on Romance Writers’ Weekly blog hop we are talking pandemic dressing. Now that many of us are working from home and having little to do with the outside world, to what level do we romance authors aspire to?

I love this topic; it is just fun. You hear all the time about writers and how they never get out of their pjs to work. I have heard of writers who have daytime and nighttime pjs even. So, what do we really do behind the closed doors of our writing caves? Well I’ll tell you.

I have been working from home for over five years now. My daughters are grown, one has flown the coup the other flits in and out and my husband has worked every day, even during our state’s quarantine, because his job is considered essential. Most days I am home alone with the dogs and cats. It would be easy for me to stay in my comfy pjs all day I know, but I don’t.

Why? Well, first I am not a person who willingly goes without a shower every morning. In fact, I have to be so sick I can’t stand up to not force myself into a daily shower. Once you have taken a shower in my mind, you might as well get dressed. Also, I have always seen writing as my career and as such I have personal standards for how I present myself, even during a writing session. And lastly, which may make more sense than the last two neurotic excuses, I meet a group every weekday in a zoom room to sprint to get my word count in.

Depending on my mood I may or may not wear makeup, but some days I do. Not that I leave the house often now that the world is on fire, but I never wore makeup to look good for other people. If I need a pick me up or want to feel more put together, I will paint up.

I feel that the way you present yourself reflects how you feel about who you are. So, when Lounge around in my pjs, which I do, just not on workdays, it sets the tone for the day.

I am also one of those people who can’t work in a mess environment. If there are dishes in the sink it drives me nuts and zaps my energy.

Having said that, I am horribly jealous of the writer that spends the day on

her couch in silky pjs with teddy bear slippers. Alas, I am not that writer.

If you want to see what I dress up everyday to write, hop over to my website and check out my catalog. You can also read free chapters to get a feel for my writing.

Next up we have Jenna Da Sie hop over to see what she’s wearing during the pandemic.

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