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Reminiscing About Past Travel in the Time of a Pandemic

With a global pandemic keeping us at home, we are reminiscing today on Romance Writers Weekly blog hop about trips we have taken. The year we went on a cruise to Honduras was one of the most memorable trips ever.

The picture I am sharing was of our family getting some snuggle time with a tiger that had been seized by the government and handed over to wildlife refuge. It was an amazing experience for my girls and us as well. The little girl was perfectly happy to be snuggled as long as she had her bottle. When it was my turn to hold her, the guide tried to switch out her bottle and let me tell you, I could see the adult tiger she would be one. The refuge did amazing work with all the animals they had.

During that trip my youngest daughter was in 5th grade and it just so happened that she was doing her “country project” on Honduras. At one point we were in a place that had a native dance troupe. I convinced her to go up and talk to them, before I knew it they were dressing her in the traditional dance gear and snapping pictures with her. At one beach we went to, we

were assigned a waitress to our beach chairs, let me tell how much we adults loved that, and our waitress found out about her project. This woman spent the rest of the day trying to find objects for my daughter to bring home from Honduras. Most of them were flowers, seeds, and the like so we couldn’t bring them home, but we got pictures.

I personally have never seen such picturesque views than from the top of the barrier islands of Honduras. We were at one side of the island and needed to go up and over to get to the other side for one of our adventures and once at the top, the views took your breath away.

It was also a wonderful lesson for my daughters about the abject poverty in some places, because as we explored we were struck by people living in falling down shacks right on the edge of the road next to the water, and a school that was also one step from the road, and it had barbed wire around it for protection.

I have always been jealous of those people who could go to an all inclusive resort on a tropical island, but for our family I was happy we didn’t go that route because we were all able to learn more about the culture and also the problems that we are often able to not pay attention to.

I would love to visit Honduras again when life isn’t on fire. If you ever have a chance to visit, the people are warm, kind, and very proud of their country. The views are spectacular, and the beaches were amazing.

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