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Why I Love Blacklist

Since March I have been hold up in my house. To be honest it isn’t as bad as it sounds. I am a full-time writer and work from home. So, it has been business as usually for the most part.

That said, my husband and I were trying to find a show on Netflix that would last us for a while, so back in March I suggested we give Black List a try. I love

it! My writer brain is on overload with character development, story ideas, etc.

Here is why I am addicted to the show Blacklist:

James Spader. As an eighties girl I was already familiar with James Spader from all the movies in that decade. I mean the 80s was the best decade for movies. Hello, Breakfast Club… In Blacklist, Spader plays the FBI’s most wanted criminal, who out of the blue contacts them and offers to give them criminals on a blacklist, but only if he works directly with a new FBI profiler, Elizabeth Keen. Why, you may ask? Well, that is a good question. Spader is in all his glory in this series. He makes you root for him in every episode, even when he just walks up to someone and shoots them in the head. He makes you question your beliefs about right and wrong. To me the big question is, if you do the wrong thing for the right reason is that forgivable?

The writer inside me devours every episode as a lesson in character development. All of the characters in this series have in depth complicated backstories and GMCs. As you watch you get glimpses of what is motivating each character. They do not do anything unless is moves them toward their end goal. The layers of these characters are amazing and draws you in.

And, if James Spader doesn’t get your heart pumping a little, there are plenty

of other characters that will interest everyone. From the blonde run by the book FBI agent, to the bad boy spy doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons.

I don’t want to give any spoilers, so I’m not going to go into any more specifics than that, but if you are looking for a series that has more than 10 episodes; this has at least 7 seasons with 20 or more episodes in each. It is a series that is jam packed with suspense and rich characters.

Have you seen Blacklist? I’d love to hear what you think!

Next up we have Caro Kinkead: Take it away Caro!

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