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2021 Goals

Welcome! Glad you could join the Romance Writers Blog hop this week! And Happy 2021!

Whew, we made it, finally! I hope the New Year finds you happy and safe.

I always love the New Year, and usually have a list of things I am planning and hoping for. 2021 is not different, excepts perhaps in the general NEED we all must see more positives this year. For my writing career, I block off an entire week in October to do nothing but look ahead to the

coming year, and what I hope to accomplish. I do this, so right out of the gate in January, I know what I want to accomplish, and I have a full 12 months to follow through.

I am not one to have resolutions in my personal life. Oh, don’t get me wrong, for years I would decide to lose X pounds, or get up at 4:00 every morning and meditate. My problem was, come March, who am I kidding, by the second week in February, I was hitting the snooze button, or in

fact packing on more pounds than I was losing. It did nothing to help me move forward, and it would make me feel like a horrible person. Instead, with personal goals, I don’t put start and end date on them, and I’m more apt to strive for keeping up with the new habit than seeing any accomplishment in it. I mean, really, we should all strive to eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight all months of the year, right?

This year, like everyone else, I am looking forward to the world opening back up for travel to those of us needing to practice safe practices because of health issues. I am a beach girl and have not stepped foot on a beach since March of last year. My husband and I go to Florida yearly, and had to cut our trip short in March of last year and we haven’t even begun planning for 2021, so travel is huge for me.

I am also looking forward this year, to be able to go to my favorite coffee shop and order a black bean brownie and latte so I can sit, and people watch. I also do some of my best plotting there. I want to meet my friends for lunch inside of a restaurant and linger over coffee and dessert just talking and laughing.

My career as a writer will turn a corner this year and I can’t wait until I start hitting some of those milestones I have so carefully planned. This has been something that I have been working toward since my littles were tiny littles, who btw are full grown women now.

I am launching an exciting new series later in the year. This series has the potential to have as many as 10 books, filled with intrigue, love, and Happily ever afters! I have so much planned for this series that once it is into the world it will be proof of how fare I have come. So exciting!

I would like to say, that one thing I hope to continue from living through 2020 is a positive outlook

on things. There were times in 2020 that I had to sit down and ask myself what was something positive because of what was currently happening in the world. Some days took longer than others, but I would find something. I am not a positive person naturally, and I found that when I concentrated on the positive instead of the dumpster fire in front of me, it did help me muscle through with less resentment toward the situation. And we could all do with a little less resentment in our lives.

What are you looking forward to in 2021? I want to hear in the comments!

Next up we have Leslie Hachtel. Take it away Leslie

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