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Memories of Characters Past

Today Romance writers weekly is all a buzz talking about our characters and where they go once writers are finished with their stories. I often wonder how other writers, writers with many more books out than I have, deal with characters when they are finished writing their stories. I mean, do they still think about them? Does the writer sit drinking tea thinking, boy I wonder what (insert character name) would be doing this many years after their story ended? Or are they like the stranger you meet on the street, they remain in your mind for a period of time then fade to make room for the next one?

For me, with only seven books under my belt I find my characters don’t remain part of my collective of thoughts, but my memory of them will pop up every so often triggered by some thing that made me dig back into that file. I will be honest and admit that sometimes when I am fixing a promo or talking to a new a reader, I will have to go back to remember things I had forgotten.

I have found that the characters I write that last the longest in my consciousness are the characters that I resonate the most. I think it is similar to how readers connect with characters and they will forever remember that character.

I will say that by the time I release a book, I am ready for some time apart with those characters. At that point my hero and heroine have been the relatives that come for Christmas and are still there on St. Patrick’s day. It isn’t that I don’t love them, but I am ready for some time a part when we get to a launch.

I think the characters that for me that still live in my mind from time to time are Clive Colcord, Earl of Breakerton from An Heiress by Midnight. And looking back, I think his personality is quite like my husband’s laid back, protective.

Giselle, Lady Sutton from Marked for Love, is the heroine that still holds a piece of my heart. I was working through who I was and where I fit into my world while writing that book, so it still feels like her and I went through something together.

Perhaps it would be fun through short stories to revisit the couples from my books past and see where they are today in their journey and how their love has revolved. However for today, I am putting my focus on my next project and fleshing out my characters there.

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