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My Ideas come from big "What ifs?"

Welcome! Today we are talking about where we get our stories ideas. I would be willing to bet that the answers will be a diverse as the authors talking about it.

was reluctant to consummate with my heroine because he had a vision of a perfect wife. Then I asked so, what type of woman would he be attracted to? A virtuous woman. So, my heroine became a woman who after a fire and the death of her parents was raised at a boarding school run by a church and the nuns at that church. However, my heroine remembers her parents love and that is her expectation. See, conflict.

My book Marked for Love is the story of a Regency woman who was kidnapped and tattooed. When she returns to England she fears living as a pariah, but that was not what she wanted. Then the “What ifs” begin.

As a history buff I love to think about how the problems in our world today would have been handled during the Regency. Currently, I am working on the plot of my next series. This is a huge project for me, because I started with a question. How would attempts against the government be handled during a time in British history that was filled with tumultuous change. With the Prince Regent, the Luddite riots, and the Whigs and Torries beginning to go out of style I see a lot of what we re dealing with now during that time. How would someone handle such a situation?

As well as current events, or a big what if, I find the more I read other fiction, the more creative my mind is and the more stories ideas seem to come to me.

It is my belief that times may change, but human nature remains the same, but the “rules” will be the big divide between now and then.

I love to hear where others get their ideas. Next up, we have Leslie Hachtel,

And, don’t forget to check out Murder Most Notorious (The Notorious Series Book 1)

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