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My Writing Space

Welcome to Romance Writers weekly blog hop. This week we are discussing our

writing space both physical and existential. Grab your favorite beverage and a snack and get ready to get into the mind of an author.

For the longest time, my writing space was the space I was able to hide in at the time. I had a laptop and would travel to the quietest room in the house. When I whined enough about needing a space that was just mine, my husband finally listened, and we closed in part of our wrap around porch and made me a little cozy office.

My daughters and I spent time writing inspirational and motivational quotes all over the beams and lumber used to make the walls of my office. You can’t see them now, but they are there sending good mojo to me all day every day. Over my doorway I wrote “Bestseller are created here.”

I researched color to pick a color for the walls that would help with my productivity and motivation, and to create a feeling of calm. I settled on a robin’s egg blue. My

desk is a gorgeous Ethan Allan desk my husband bought me years ago as a gift. On the opposite side of the room, we have two bookshelves for my books and nick-knacks, and you can’t have a writer’s office without a comfy overstuffed chair for reading. One entire wall is all windows looking out onto our street, so I can keep an eye on the world while I’m here.

When I come into this room, it is me. Every corner, every item helps to make me feel special and at home.

Once I sit down to write I need a few things that help to boost my brain into the routine of “we are writing now.” I need a hot cup of tea, usually Irish breakfast tea. I have a water bottle with crystals in it that shimmer in the sunshine. It makes me smile and reminds me to stay hydrated.

I keep a notebook for notes and plot points next to me, so I can refer or add to as I write. I also have a classical playlist I use when writing and a soft instrumental one I

use for rewriting and editing. All these things help to ground me into my moment, and it gets my creativity moving in the correct direction.

If you only have your dining room table to use, then create a little basket with a few candles, notepad, crystals, whatever brings you happiness, and juices your creativity. The ritual of placing those things around the you on the table you get yourself into the mood of what you are going to be doing next.

I understand how blessed I am to have a dedicated space for my writing and I appreciate it every day I enter that space, but I have had plenty of time stealing corners as I could both can work.

Next up is Leslie Hatchtel. Check out her book Bound to Morocco and get a free copy here!

I can’t wait to see what her space looks like. Enjoy!

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