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Recharging in the Summer

The dog days of summer. That term is bittersweet to me, because I know all too soon summer will be over and I will be getting ready to hibernate like the bears. The way I unwind, and recharge are very different in the summer compared to the colder months in norther New Hampshire.

I love summer. I love everything that comes with summer, except the bugs. So, when I am “relaxing” and the sun is out and the grass is green, I want to be outside. My first choice would be next to the ocean on a sandy beach, but the closest beach is over two hours away from me. Daily

you might find me on one of my three porches probably with a book in my hand, or at least my kindle. Lately, I have been choosing to sit in my rope chair that Hardworking Husband got me last year for my birthday. I love the sensation of swinging and swaying, and I can spin this baby right around and just lay back and let it twirl around.

You will also find me on my screen porch on the other side of the house, again with my kindle or a book and usually a cat or a dog in my lap. Up here in NH we do not have central air conditioning, so I have as many windows open at a time as I can to get a nice breeze. Our screen porch for some reason is positioned where there is usually a light breeze, and you can see all the huge mature trees on our street swaying and dancing. This is one of my favorite things to do in the summer.

I am a high input, learner, and intellection so when I get drained to fill my well, I need to consume all the information I can get my hands on. My husband thinks I’m crazy going from writing/working all day on the computer to sitting down in the afternoon for more reading, but

that really is one of the only things that can fill my well. That, and being in nature and getting the grounding of all the living things out there. I am a huge believer in energy, and I do know I struggle in the winter when it is too cold to be outside to get that grounding.

That all being said, I am also always up for a shopping trip with a good dinner after. That will also fill my well but will most likely drain my wallet. Lol

What do you do to recharge in the summer? Tell me in the comments.

Now, next up with have A.S. Fenichel talking about what she does in the summer.

Finishing school brought four young wallflowers together. The perils of London’s marriage market inspired a pact to protect each other for a lifetime…

Survivor of a hellish marriage, Aurora Sherbourn, Dowager Countess of Radcliff, is determined to never be taken in by love. With the other Wallflowers married and starting families, her West Lane residence is empty and lonely. What’s missing is a child of her own, to raise and make her house a home. Intent on marrying only to have children, Aurora wants nothing to do with romantic attachments.

The newly minted Duke of Corwin, Garrett Winslow, has known Aurora all her life, and loved her nearly as long. Recently returned from his travels abroad, he was certain the infatuation was left in the past, but upon seeing the now widowed Aurora, those feelings come rushing back.

Maddeningly, Aurora regards him as nothing more than her brother’s best friend. Determined to make her his, Garrett will use every tender weapon to seduce her—and prove she’s worthy of true love.

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