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How My Books Stand Out

It's an ocean of book choices out there!

If you have gone onto Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Kobo, or even ITunes lately looking for a new read you know the sea of books to choose is overwhelming. With the boon of self-publishing, comes unlimited options in genre, character, setting, or story. As an author I am both overjoyed by the options out there for readers and mired in how to attract readers to my very small-yet well appointed-section of the book world.

While I do believe it is important for authors to look at trends and see where the readers are going in their book buying interest, I feel that by staying the course with my writing choices, by creating the best product I can at the time, and striving to improve with every new release I will find my voice, and my loyal readers.

Authors are often asked what makes their books stand out, and it is not an easy question, because most of us suffer from some form of impostor syndrome, where we don’t feel we measure up, or belong at all. I don’t feel that any one book is better than another, it depends on what the readers are looking for at that point in time. As Eloisa James said in a workshop I attended once. “I depend on all the other authors who put books out. It gives a reader something to do while they wait for my next release.” Not go get all hokey, but A rising tide lifts all boats. If author A, gets a reader interested in Historical Romance, that reader will move to other authors in the genre.

Try out one of my titles to see if you agree.

So, how do my books stand out? I would have to say my heroines are the facet of my books that make my books stand out. My heroines are not the typical Regency Miss. People no matter their time in history behave with self-preservation in mind. I put my characters in a position where they must challenge what society of that time was. They must change their world. I have a heroine who must portray herself as a highway man. I have a woman who fakes her death to be free of her husband and live as an independent woman. Because my stories are first and foremost love stories, I create a strong emotional connection between my hero and my heroine. Their love is what drives the story.

As a lover of adventure and action movies, I write stories that always contain a sub-plot that includes some danger and action. I write a story I would want to read.

Lastly, I have been asking around about what makes people choose a book to purchase with so many out there. By far the cover image, and the back-cover copy were the big winners. I will not admit to having the back-cover copy won yet, but I do think that my covers are eye catching, giving the reader a glimpse at the story within.

What do you look for in a book? I’d love to know. Interested in seeing what I have to offer? Click over to my booklist page, join my Newsletter list, or join the antics on Facebook. We’d have a blast!


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