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A Rainy Day is a Perfect Day.

You’ve all been there. There are only so many weekends during the summer and you have a list a mile long, but guess what? While Monday was the most beautiful day of the week, while you were at work, Saturday is going to be a washout with rain all day. Sigh. Yeah, I get it. Rain often stops us in our tracks and messes with our plans, but I still love a good rainy day. And to continue my theme for February, here is why a rainy day inspires me and should inspire you.


Yup, there is a name for people like me. No, not that one... The name for

people who love and find calm by the rain is Pluviophile. While it isn’t sexy or mysterious, I am heartened to know there are enough of us strange individuals that we have been given a moniker.

I did a quick search to see if there was any hard science to back up the mood enhancement I feel when I wake up to a drizzly, rainy morning. Most of what I read claims there is little to no connection to emotional state and weather. I, however, was a middle school teacher for 15 years, and no scientist will ever convince me the full moon has no effect on lunchroom behavior.


We live in a very goal and task orientated society. In many cases, we either make ourselves feel guilty or made to feel guilty by others if we take a day to chill inside accomplishing nothing more than breathing. A rainy day forces us to some respect to stop and watch the world pass by for a change. In fact, the constant patter of the rain on the window of my office draws my attention to what is going on outside. It may blur the scene, but that adds to the slowing of our world. It cocoons us inside our safe dry home or office.


If you are outside on a rainy day or sitting on a covered porch you should notice that everything smells more. Fresh cut grass is stronger, rose blossoms burst with scent every time a drop plops on them, and the air smells different. In the summer when all the plants are blooming and in need of water the colors burst and plump before our eyes. Grass that may have been looking on the dry side all of a sudden glisten bright green. The flowers are reflected in the puddles, and the sun rays when they finally appear seem to be coming from every direction at once as they reflect their light off the fresh rain.

I am upset every time it rains, and I am not able to have my office window open to take in the patter of the drops and all the smells.


Not to be all rainbows and unicorns, we have all been caught in the rain and ended up looking less than perfect after it has had its way with us. Most of us attempt to look our best when we walk out the door, but after standing in line for coffee without an umbrella, because who needs to see the weather forecast it is sunny out, and you all get dumped on. No one’s makeup is perfect anymore, and let’s face it even a good blowout won’t help the hairstyle for the rest of the day. A good unexpected rain is a very good reminder that we often take ourselves too seriously. It gives us a chance to look around and see that we all have bad hair days and we should embrace those days as much as all the others.


I love rainy days because they give me an excuse to make a cup of tea and some cookies. Grab a comfy seat, in my favorite sweats and curl up with a book for the day. Saturday to do list be damned. I can sit and read and watch the world go by without worrying about it. I can also demand that the tv. And anything else with a speaker be muted, so I can hear the raindrops.

When my girls were little a rainy day meant hours inside reading stories, playing games, baking cookies, watching cartoons, and just plain being together and creating memories. There is no better memory than curling up on the couch with your two little baby girls to sit and giggle over Scooby Doo or some other cartoon. And that is what made me stop and begin to appreciate a good rainy day and I never looked back.

Are you a Pluviophile too? I’d love to hear from you.

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