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The English Rose Series

Being the daughters of the foremost rose botanist in all of England is not for the faint hearted. Not only do four sisters live in the remote northern regions of England, their father is forever more worried about his plants than their future. The sisters must then take their futures into their own hands. Like their father's roses, love will need a lot of tending to blossom.

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Bastion Niall Dalais Guaire, 4th Count of Lugar de Sueño, Spain has been plagued with visions since his youth. He is drawn to archaeology and antiquities because when he holds a bone and sees a horrible vision he doesn’t have to tell the person what is to come, he can only see what has been. Now that his brother the 3rd Count passes away, Bastion is left with a young nephew and no connection to in own history or his special gift.

The Honorable Aisling Lightowler needs a miracle. Her family’s reputation is being threatened by a local family with grave accusations about something that happened almost 100 years ago, with no living witnesses to help sort it out. She reads about Bastion’s great finds and doesn’t care what it takes she hounds him from across a continent until he relents and appears on her doorstep.

Bastion agrees to help Aisling because from the first letter he received from her, he has been having visions. Visons of them together and also a disturbing feeling that the secret to his own history lies close by. When he begins to dig deeper into the claims, he finds that saving the family’s reputation may not be as simple as digging up some bones. All the while trying to keep his attraction for the lovely Aisling at bay, which he begins to realize is harder than stopping his visions.

Can he save a family’s reputation, clear a dead woman’s name, find where he belongs in his own family and convince the woman he loved before he left Spain that she wants to be connected to a broken, lonely man who just wants to belong?

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Her God mother’s annual Twelfth Night house party and ball is Miss Maria Lightowler’s best chance of finding a husband who will secure her future. If she can transform herself from wild country girl to elegant lady, perhaps she can pull it off. Not to mention a magic pendant professed to find your soulmate she may have a chance. With no dowry, the man she marries must have enough of a fortune, so Maria need not worried about those things she went without as a child. From the moment the guests begin to arrive, one unworthy man seems determined to stand in her way. What he obviously lacks in funds, he makes up for in charisma, but Maria repeatedly strikes him from her list.

Lord LaZander Rothchild, Viscount Milford is hiding. His hope is it will only be until the potential scandal in London dies down. Since his father went ill, Zander has been the victim of too many marriage traps to count. Now at his aunt’s annual match making extravaganza, he hopes to avoid most of the guests until he can sneak back into the city. His aunt, unfortunately, has other ideas. Luckily, because of his propensity to be embroiled in so many mishaps, the marriage-minded mamas at the house party have blacklisted him concerning their daughters. However, one beautiful and tempting young woman, unaware of him on any level, seems determined to cast him aside as well. While she treats him not as the heir to a Marquess or a man of any real consequence Zander grows determined to prove he is a worthy option and may just set and get trapped in his own marriage scheme.

Ruination of a Rogue
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