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Winn's Fall


After her mother’s death, Miss Zoe Chase returns to England to find an ideal husband.

Practical considerations include:

  • Must be responsible.

  • Must have adequate connections.

  • All teeth would be a plus.

A secret part of Zoe yearns for love, but she can’t afford to let her heart decide. With the help of an old friend, Zoe should have the business done, post haste.

If not for Winn...

No plan included a devilishly handsome earl cursed to die.

A family curse left Lord Winthrop Burton fatherless as a young child. Now condemned to die by age thirty, Winn is determined to do it on his own terms.

Practical considerations include:

  • No marriage.

  • No children.

  • No falling in love.

Winn will leave no one behind to mourn him.

If not for Miss Zoe Chase...

When plans fight passion, everything falls.

As desire flares, both careen towards the curse’s end. Because the accidents that once plagued Winn are now happening to Zoe.

To save Zoe, Winn must push her away. Except Zoe has fallen in love with him.

And love does not yield to practical considerations.

Can Winn discover the truth of his curse before it ends them both?

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