Doing what was right steered his life. As he begins his new chapter, to have the woman he wants, he must follow his heart. She will accept nothing less than everything.

Diplomat to the crown, Lord Kendrick Chase, Earl of Harwich is newly returned to London after his wife’s death.

His daughter is newly married and Kendrick finds himself alone. To pass the time he agrees to aid a friend in the forgien affairs office with small tasks around the city. One such task leads him to the door of the one person he would rather avoid.

Lady Sarrafinna Lennox, youngest daughter to the Duke of Boylston is unlike any other. In fact so much like her grandmother, the 11th Duchess of Escalona of Spain, that when she finds herself without the man she loved after her debute season she makes her own way as the most famous courtesan in all of England and never looks back.

Kendrick needs to find a man integral in the fight for freedom in what is to be Italy. Is he in hiding, or has he been taken and why does the trail lead to Sarrafinna’s door?

Sarrafinna chose a life of pleasure and independence, Kendrick did what was right for others. For love to work a balance must be struck and trust must be the word of the day.


Lord, Winthrop (Winn) Burton will die on his own terms. A family curse says he will die by the time he turns thirty years old. He will not leave a young wife and a child behind like his father did to him.

When childhood friend Miss Zoe Chase returns to stay with his sister and find a husband Winn’s plans are thrown into chaos. Not only is the once gangly, awkward girl he remembers, is now everything that tempts him, the accidents that once plagued his life are happening to her.

He must keep her safe, but how can he do that when ravaging her is all he can consider? Or perhaps the curse isn’t a curse after all.

Will Winn die, or will he fall?

Improper Wives for Proper Lords Series

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