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What People Are Saying

                                  Great read!

Great read! Page turner that kept me invested in the characters. I have also read Clair Brett's other 2 books in this genre and I enjoy her style and writing very much.


                                  Different and a rather refreshing piece.

Lady Giselle Braveton story was so good I felt for both her and Lord Maxwell (Max) Sutton the challenges these two had to face were written so well. This one had some elements I did not expect and that made this a rather refreshing read. There was danger, intrigue, and grand evil within the pages of this tale. This is excellent book that I hope you pick up.


                                   clever and unique

What a good book! This story creatively depicts the pitfalls of an English marriage and appeasing the Ton. Gisele and Max immediately captured my heart and all through their misunderstandings and misconceptions, I found myself routing for them. This is well written, clever, and unique. Definitely a good read!